Friday 24 June 2016

Next week


  • On Monday we are having our class party! Students are allowed to bring a stuffy and a pillow so that they can watch a movie more comfortably in the afternoon. We took a vote on which movie to watch and we decided on the movie Rio. We will be having chips during the movie and a Fudgsicle treat afterwards (ingredient list was sent home today).
  • On Tuesday afternoon the Grade Ones are going to go join the Grade One class. They will be having cheese pizza (one slice) from Panago, cut up fruit, chips and a juice box. Then they will have an opportunity to spend time together. 
  • On Tuesday afternoon the Grade twos will have cheese pizza from Panago (one slice). You may want to send more lunch, for those hungry eaters. Then they will be meeting up with the Grade two class for an activity. 
  • Wednesday is our last day of school! We will have Mass, followed by an assembly. There will be some awards given out as well as the year end slideshow. If you would like to come join us you are more than welcome to attend. Dismissal is at 11:00am 

Friday 17 June 2016


We are heading to the Abbey on Monday! I sent home a notice today that contained information about the schedule for the day and on the back a list of rides. Sorry for the teeny tiny font! Here are a few quick reminders;

  • Bring a booster seat. Your child will not be able to go if they do not have one.
  • Please make sure they are prepared for the weather (rainjacket, hat sunscreen) and in full uniform. 
  • Please have them bring a lunch and  a rosary, if they have one. We have many rosaries in the classroom that we can bring as well.
  • Please make sure you are here before the bell. I will let students in starting at 8:40 and we will be leaving promptly at 8:50 (hopefully).
Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day!
Mrs. Schock

Monday 13 June 2016

Week 38

Weekly Reminders:

  • We are going to the Abbey on Monday, June 20th. I sent home a permission slip today, so please send them in by Wednesday. I will let you know who your child is driving with by the end of this week. A big thank you to all the parents who volunteered to drive!
  • No more spelling! We are finished! 
  • Please send in any Little Books (Grade 1), or Library books as we are now collecting all of them. Thank you!
  • Wednesday is Step Up Day. This is a chance for the students to meet for an hour with their potential teacher for next year. 
  • Friday is Fun Day. There is a noon dismissal on this day.
  • Also if you are interested, there is the CCS Parent Night Out on Friday night. You can find more information on the website.
Weekly Work: 
  • We are finishing up working on a special project for a certain someone.
  • We are also working on finishing up I Am A Gift From God unit. Thank you to the Grade one parents for putting so much extra work into this! I did send it home again today (Grade 1), to complete Parent lesson 5 and complete page 10. Please send it back on Wednesday. 

Thursday 9 June 2016

The Abbey

This is a last call for parent drivers for June 20th. Currently we only have 3 parents willing to drive, and so we won't be able to go if we can't find some more. Thank you!

Monday 6 June 2016

Week 37

Weekly Reminders:

  • Tomorrow is a non-uniform day (Sudan colours). Students should bring in $1 to raise money for a library in Sudan. There was a notice sent home today.
  • Tomorrow is also the Dress Rehearsal for the Talent Show. Please send your child with their costume and any props that they need.
  • Wednesday is $1 popcorn day
  • Wednesday is also Hot Lunch
  • Friday is the Volunteer Appreciation Tea, which will start right after Mass. At 11:00 the Talent Show will start.
  • Spelling Grade 1: jaw, law, claw, draw, straw, stall, thaw, flaw, small, shawl
  • Spelling Grade 2: wash, swat, wasp, stalk, walk, salt, calm, swap, bald, chalk

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Week 36

Weekly Reminders:

  • Currently we do not have enough parents who are able to drive on June 20th. Are there any other parents available on this day? If you are, please email me. Thank you!
  • A Fun Day notice was sent home today with the oldest student
  • I believe there is one week left for the Shopping Card Challenge. If you would like to, you may purchase them after Mass. For more information, look on the announcements page.
Weekly Work: 
  • I sent the Grade one "I Am a Gift From God" book home again. Please complete the next parent lesson and have them finish page 6. If you could send it by Thursday, that would be great. If you are unable to complete it, please send it back anyways! Thank you!
  • Grade two students will be taking their I Am a Gift From Good book home tomorrow. Please look for it and complete page 9 with them.
  • We are working on graphing and data in the classroom. We are working on coming up with good questions to ask in a survey and what types of questions we can ask to analyze/compare the data.
  • Grade 1; fight, light, might, sight, bright, fright, knight, write, site, right
  • Grade 2: edge, badge, fudge, bridge, pledge, age, charge, change, range, plunge

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Week 35

Weekly Reminders:

  • The grade 2 class and their buddy classes (5/6 & 7) are hoping to go on a Field trip to the Abbey in Mission on June 20th. Before we are able to do this we are trying to find out how many parents we would have available on that day to drive us (we won't be taking a bus), and who would be able to commit to the full day. We would leave the school at 9 and come back by 3. If you are able to commit to this day, please email me!
  • The I am A Gift From God program is in full swing this week. I sent Parent Lesson Two home for the grade ones today. If you are unable to complete it by Friday, please just send it back so we can do the work in class. The Grade two students will be asked to complete the first parent lesson tomorrow night, with it being due back on Tuesday (due to the Pro-d Day on Monday). Thank you for all your support, I know it can be a lot, especially for the Grade one parents!  
  • A Reminder that there is a PRO-D Day on Monday
  • Grade 1: book, nook, took, look, cook, brook, crook, shook, cookie, mistook
  • Grade 2: vow, now, brow, chow, plow, clown, couch, mouth, ground, found